‘Pokémon Go’: The things I want to see in the game


It’s been three weeks since we started playing Pokemon Go, the game that has given much to talk about and that has caused a stir in various locations around the world, including USA

Pokémon Go has forced out around the city and caused us joys, sorrows and frustrations. Although augmented reality game has allowed us to interact with pokémons everywhere, there are certain things we would like to have in a future update of game time.

We have 12 functions or changes that we believe are missing Pokémon Go, because dreaming costs nothing.

pokemon go

Interaction between trainers.

Although there are third-party applications seeking to facilitate communication between coaches, Go Pokémon application lacks any kind of contact and interaction between other coaches pokémon. It’s a pity we can not see where other coaches are in our area or can communicate with them.

Ideally see the avatars of other players on our map, so you can interact with them through the game. This would allow us to know what are the places with the highest concentration of pokémon trainers are. In addition, we may share tips and tricks with more coaches.

Exchange pokémons

Pokémons would be able to exchange something amazing and would make the game more exciting. Right now I have three Pikachus I am willing to transfer or exchange for another little pokémon. However, with the current version only I can transfer it to Professor Willow and only receive a candy in return.

In previous Pokémon games, it allowed some kind of exchange and made the game more entertaining. Pokémons exchange is one of the main functions that are missing Pokémon Go.

You imagine being able to share any of your other pokémons having your friends?

We hope this is one of the upcoming game updates, as this could add a few new pokémons our pokedex and could also get rid of those who have repeated.

Pokeballs exchange, incenses, bait and modules.

We are confident that this has crossed your mind more than once. During these three weeks I’ve run out Pokeballs repeatedly and for some reason in pokéstops could only get potions and capsules to revive. However, my friends had many Pokeballs and sometimes had to throw them away because they no longer fit in the bag application. Get free pokemon go hack for pokecoins.

It would be great if we could exchange incenses and other items, as this would have a lot more collaboration between trainers.

If you have fought in a gym, sure you’ve noticed that these battles not make much sense. No strategy and do not require technical things.

We would like battles were by turns. This would allow you to think about what attack and how to react to launch attacks from your opponent. With the current battles just have a powerful pokémon and quickly touch the screen without having to think much.

The Biking Dead Review


The Biking Dead is a brand-new Biking game for the Android and iOS platforms by SpaceInch LLC. Whichever zombie wins it gets all the brains on the planet, but a Biking competition has been set in place, although the world has for ages been hit by the zombie apocalypse. Your zombie ride all manner of bikes can put on a number of ensembles, and update them to exceptionally high degrees all on a quest to eventually become the very best zombie biker on world. Read on for some tips as well as tricks for The Biking Dead!

Stone, which are the money that is pink, let you update your bike. Upgrades are not expensive, and they’re certainly essential when the more demanding assignments come around to be able to remain competitive. In the event you are playing against friends, also, they can be precious because the more upgrades which you have, the simpler it’s to defeat your buddies’ scores that are high.

Then it is time to get a brand new bike when you run out of upgrades. The brand new bike will as bad as the old one in the event the old one had all of the upgrades, until you’ve enough stone to update the newest one to be better in relation to the old one, so play with all the old bike.

You can wait in order for it to return in case you use up all your energy in the game, or you also can purchase more. Return to the game your lives will soon be fully restored, as well as after you do that.

Make sure you update your outfit when you’ve got the stone for it. While bike improvements can increase your boost your traction as well as your speed, your well-being as well as your energy cans enhance. Well-Being is the way many hits you’ll be able to take from all the cannons which want to fire at you before you expire.

Era of Heroes Tips and Tricks


Era of Heroes is a brand new cellular telephone RPG for the Android and iOS platforms which was one of the mot downloaded games a few days ago. In this game you’ll be able to make a team full of heroes both uncommon and common, give other heroes to be able to power them up, and finish a virtually infinite amount of quests.

Among the simplest methods to bring in lots of experience, coins and other goodies and to level up would be to return to one of many old amounts which you have conquered, particularly the last/most difficult amount which you have conquered. The amount will probably be bypassed and you’ll earn the same prizes all.

For new heroes you’ll be able to go shopping in the Mall, and better yet, all three of the rarities that are different are accessible free of charge at distinct times.


Keep on leveling up, in the event you would like to get over three characters in your party at a time and you’ll have the ability to add more. In case you would like to change heroes outside (other than your primary hero), pat the configuration button (not the hero button) and pat on the character you want to swap out. Decide on the character who is not deployed that you would like to swap in.

To level heroes up, visit the hero display and hit on the Lv. To be able to level up one hero upward button and you’ll be able to lose as many as five heroes at a time. Use this to remove every one of your heroes that are common in order you could make space in your roll, and obviously, to make your party more powerful as well.

Improve your weapons also, by visiting the Gear tab, to be able to level up your weapons where you are able to spend silver. This really is equally as powerful as leveling up your real heroes. Plus, make use of your hero to transfer to a higher grade in case you possess the advance and improve their stats pellets to be able to make it occur.

Case Clicker – Jackpot Guide


When you do, you’ll have the capacity to gamble away lots of skins, weapons, and decals, but in exchange, you may have a shot at winning some actual money that is good also. Read on for some tips on the best way to win in the Jackpot way in Case Clicker!

First, the best way to unlock it. It., you should visit the base of the upgrade shop and spend 1,000 dollars on unlocking This really isn’t all that difficult to do. Keep this up til you’ve 1,000 dollars.

Go there as you need and you’ll be able to add as many or as few weapons. There’s much more strategy than simply observing it go.

As it builds up, you’ll notice the percent chance of winning change as well as the payout change. In case the percent is falling too rapidly or the payout isn’t constructing rapidly enough, visit the Jackpot Skin Costs menu, that is the small “tools” in the center of the jackpot, and alter the skin cost to either Really Low, Low, Normal or Above Standard.

You are able to do this with the jackpot started or stopped. It is urged to pause the Jackpot by hitting the Stop Jackpot button in the middle first, which you are able to do. When it stops, you can restart it whenever you need until you eventually hit 50 out of 50. Subsequently it’ll be too late to do anything about your triumph opportunity, but clearly the better it’s, the much more likely you’re to hit the jackpot.

Besides shifting the decal costs, in the event that you must modify the triumph opportunity, begin adding decals, weapons, skins and whatnot. To be able to improve your odds of winning raise the overall worth of your things. The rarer and much more expensive the things, the better your odds at winning will be.

AdVenture Capitalist – Strategies


AdVenture Capitalist had you becoming wealthy beyond belief on the Earth, and on the moon afterwards. There’s eventually a Mars mission which has been opened up, although not only has the moon mission lately been rebalanced. Now you can make huge levels of moon dollars and develop your empire in all manners that are new!

The key thing the Mars mission has that the remaining part of the match doesn’t have is the Gain Martians. While they’re deployed, in the event you tap on them you’ll add their time and seconds. In case you tap on them as soon as they’re finished, you’ll knock a second at a time off of their retrieval time.

Otherwise, matters are usually a bit better than they were at the very first iteration of the moon balanced here. Your first merchandise, the reddish soil, just makes you 1 cent apiece but it makes for a simple and fast upgrade, and with each upgrade. For other goods, the multipliers are clearly distinct.

All the cheats that are old are relevant here as well. It’s possible for you to set the time forward in your mobile or tablet PC to bypass time for free without needing to spend any gold, and in the event you set the time back to normal as well as the cash flow stops, maintain your angel investors as well as the cash begins to flow again, with considerably higher rate as a result of investors of course.

There are over 600 unlocks in order to keep going for a long time without the Mars mission assembled into this way. Only keep reinvesting you will get insanely wealthy insanely quickly and as you go. There are not any disproportionately investments that are great unlike the Moon mission, aside from maybe the Brain-cation after a few unlocks. This would make an excellent one to provide the Mega Buck Increase to.